Four family hotels in the centre of Delft

De Emauspoort

Delft, city of Jan Vermeer, Willem van Oranje, Hugo de Groot, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, plenty of history. Delft Blue, pictursque canals…..Delft is worth a visit! Along one of these picturesque canals you will find Hotel De Emauspoort. Hospitality is our highest priority!

24 cosy hotel rooms and on our picturesque yard two authentic trailers. Breakfast will be served from our own bakery. Perfect parking facilities in Parking Markt and then a short walk from only 400 metres through a scenic ally to the hotel.

Hotel de Emauspoort
Vrouwenregt 9 – 11
2611 KK Delft

telefoon +31 (15) 219 02 19